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Cushman Industries History:

In 1830, Simon Fairman, developed the first hand-operated chuck and received a patent for his invention.  His daughter married A.F. Cushman of Hartford, a pattern maker at Colt Fire Arms.  In 1862, Cushman acquired his father-in-law’s burgeoning business and began chuck manufacturing at his residence.  The original quarters were soon outgrown necessitating the construction of a new building, equipped for manufacturing chucks.   The company moved to the facility pictured above in 1914 and continued to thrive through the years.   

A.F. Cushman was succeeded by his son and later by his grandson, R. Cushman.   A.P. Sloan was one of the company's original incorporators who became president in 1923.   He was largely responsible for the product design and was awarded many patents during his long career.   Mr. Sloan was succeeded by his son and later by his grandson, H.E. Sloan, Jr.

Through innovation and product development, Cushman became the world's leading chuck maker - awarded over fifty patents.  The growth of Cushman was the result of fundamental know-how, developed over the years, coupled with intensive engineering and practical experience.

During the 1980's, Cushman Industries wasn't immune to the challenges seen in the US machine tool industry.   Seeing shrinking markets and changing times, Cushman was acquired in the mid 1990's by TSD, a division of DeVlieg-Bullard.   Under TSD's leadership, Cushman Industries regained its footing and maintained its market position.  

In early 2005, Cushman Industries was acquired by Republic Drill (Chicago, IL).   Republic Drill is a leading manufacturer of cutting tools with nationwide sales and distribution.   Republic Drill brings a financial stability to Cushman Industries - required to compete in the 21st century.   Also, Republic Drill respects Cushman Industries' proud past and inherent value to its customers - offering a complete line of manual chucks, power chucks, Combination chucks, "Accra-Set" chucks, special purpose chucks, pneumatic and hydraulic actuators, boring mill jaws, repair parts, service and consulting.

Today,  the new Cushman Industries, partnering with workholding specialists from around the world, stands ready to provide world-class products and services at competitive prices and deliveries with the highest levels of professionalism and courtesy.       


Republic Drill acquires Cushman Industries:

January 25, 2005 - Chicago, IL


Republic Drill is pleased to announce the acquisition of Cushman Industries - Frankenmuth, MI.     Our mission is to meet the worldwide demand for high-quality manufactured products along with outstanding service – while still providing our customers with the lowest possible prices.  In keeping with our strategy of market growth and development, Republic Drill embraces M&A opportunities that offer synergistic growth potential.   As stated by the General Manager of Cushman Industries, "We saw the long-term potential with Cushman.   With over 140 years of product development and many thousands of chucks in the field, the potential was obvious.   We know a good deal when we see it."  


Republic Drill has invested in its new acquisition - expanding inventory - stock chucks and cylinders off-the-shelf.    Also, with world-class workholding partners, the new Cushman brings classic Cushman products to the market at competitive prices and deliveries.


Cushman Industries is positioned and committed to regain its former leadership position within the workholding industry.   As stated by the General Manager, "We have all the tools needed to get back on top.    We have great products, field tested and proven through many years of customer experience.   We regularly get calls from customers needing service on chucks that are over 50 years old!   How can you argue with that product durability and success?"



For more information on Cushman Industries and its full line of products, contact:


Dan Lange
Cushman Industries
2058 North 15th Ave.
Melrose Park, IL
(800) 521-3420 ext. 406 (ph)
(708) 865-1042 (fax)


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